Product Certification

International Certification Authority

International Certification Authority (ICA) has accreditation for product certification empowering it to evaluate test reports and production systems to BS/IEC/EN standards as a third party. International Certification Authority employees has experience in numerous fields to evaluate the test reports and to assess the production system. Currently we are doing in almost all electronics/electrical/construction products /machineries. International Certification Authority covers different types of standards for this service. Please contact us to know whether your product can be certified against IEC/EN standards.

Factory developed qualification protocols ensure

  • Compliance with standards within your industry
  • Execution by factory trained technicians
  • Reduced risk of non-compliance during audits
  • Lower cost of compliance than other solutions
  • Equipment ready-for-use when you need it
  • Acceptance tests for Retail customers that your product is ready to be installed in the store with connectivity to all critical business systems