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Scheme Cert CC

ICA has approved a set of ICA 9000 international conciliation / mediation services standards, providing the following services: Promote ICA 9000 to the industry for service standard and registration Establishment of an internationally recognized professional qualification registered as "International Competent Conciliator, Cert. CC" Continuous assessment for yearly professional qualification. And maintain a professional registrar, known as © Cert.CC qualifications Maintain an industry monitoring system to promote conciliator as international recognized professional, with continual assessment.


The certification program is designed to help those who meet the mediation skills of the international certification, can handle the international supervision plan under the professional and public confidence in the case. It also provides a broad view of

Target of Applicant

Licensed professional such as, Layer, Ministry of Finance, Insurance, Property Management, Trainer, Social Worker, Counselor, Volunteer, ISO auditor, Mediator, person who has attended the relevant communication skills and so on, and has dealt with the cas


(A) in his professional capacity, at least 40 hours of training and professional qualifications, and who have dealt with cases of conciliation or mediation, or (B) at least five years of field experience in handling conciliation or mediation of cases, or


$ 150$

Assessment Criteria




Quality Mark