International Certification Authority

Competence Conciliator and/or Debt Mediator

International Certification Body (ICA) is established in the United States international professional certification, training and testing authority. As an international reputation for international certification, training and monitoring, the objective of this program is to conduct professional practice and ethical conduct and quality of the industry and the mediation department, and focus on professional, law-abiding and good reputation.

ICA has created a set of international reconciliation services standard ICA 9000, providing the following services:

  • Promote ICA 9000 to the industry, register and supervise
  • Establishment of an internationally recognized professional qualification for Certified Competence Conciliator (CC) and Certified Debt Mediator (DM)
  • Continuous certification for professional review. And to maintain a professional register, known as Certified Competence Conciliator (CC) and Certified Debt Mediator (DM) qualifications, printed on the personal card of the international ability to prove
  • As a government and society, with the industry's bridge, united, mutual benefit, healthy growth, and the professionals into the internationalization.


The certification program is designed to help those who meet the mediation skills of the international certification, can handle the international supervision plan under the professional and public confidence in the case. It also provides a wide range of views on the mediation of the professionals who know how to deal with the case, the use of legal and high quality, and access to public and social good reputation and internationally recognized professional identity.


CPD, counselor, ISO auditor, social worker, person who has attended the relevant communication skills and so on, and has dealt with the case of reconciliation of the case, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Finance, Or mediate the case.

Ability to be qualified

The competency qualification will be awarded to the individual, who will be awarded a certificate by reviewing the interview required by the international standard of ICA 9000 and by obtaining a benchmark score by describing the settlement of the case or mediating the case. In order to ensure that the quality of the individual continues to be effective, an annual review is required to continue to receive professional accreditation.

Evaluation Criteria:

ICA 9000 international and demodulation service standards

Criterion 1: Organizational unit

Criterion 2: Personal Personality Mentality

Criterion 3: Action Planning Direction

Criterion 4: Use of Resource Arrangement Code

Criterion 5: Reconciliation and Conciliation Process

Criterion 6: Interpersonal Relationship Performance

Criterion 7: Customer Relationship Performance

Criterion 8: Legitimate Compliance Performance

Criterion 9: Summary and review

Request for application

Applicants must meet the following conditions:

  • In his professional capacity, at least 40 hours of training and professional qualifications, and who have dealt with cases of settlement or mediation; or
  • At least five years of experience in handling reconciliation or mediation of cases
  • Has been practicing ICA recognized reconciliation mediation skills courses people, by the relevant groups push.

Apply for qualifications

  • Certified Competence Conciliator (CC): Red Badge Professional Resellation Division Qualification, dealing with cases involving general reconciliation mediation disputes. Accept the qualification review every two years.
  • Certified Debt Mediator (DM): Red Badge Debt Mediation Division qualified to handle cases involving mediation of debt disputes. Each year must undergo a qualification review.

(Those who have a red badge for three consecutive years will be eligible for the Platinum Badge in the high score and outstanding performance).